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How to make a donkey of tires

How to make a donkey of tires

Many motorists, "pereobuvayas" its wheels in a new tire, asked the question: "Where can I put the old tires?" The answer is simple.

From them you can make a variety of small animals and birds, to build a piece of furniture, and also be used as beds.

You will need

  • - doski-
  • - Aspen palki-
  • - shurupy-
  • - Reinforcing shtyri-
  • - Old pokryshki-
  • - Klein
  • - kraski-
  • - Knife or scissors.



Create a shape donkey. To do this, reinforcing pins Construct frame, which consists of four valves, driven into the ground and welded to the common pin, is laid on top.


Cut half of the tires and the second strippart. Attached to the upper half of the pin a tear up with screws, and the band is fixed along the tire hole. For bonding tires and bands use the glue.


Construct a donkey head out of the other half of the tire. The principle of creation is almost the same as in the structure of the body: the difference is that the tire rotates a tear down, and on top of the bus bar is attached to the scallop.


Cut ears and harness. Use a better sharpened knife or scissors to the ears get a smooth, smooth and rounded, and the team does not scratch the sharp edges.


Wrap each foot donkey, usingbicycle tire. In order to get the bent limbs, you can pre-bend the reinforcing rod or make a hole in the tire, skip to the armature.


Color donkey. Choose the best acrylic paints, as they do not emit noxious fumes and are safe for children. As the eye can be used circles cut from tires. They can also be simple to draw.


Attach a cart ready, as soon as the donkeydry. Make it possible to quickly, simply fabricate two large circles and connect them to a common piece of wood, which will depart from two sticks, called team. There is another option: take two boards, fasten a common sheet of plywood. Along the edges of the plates are perpendicular to each side, and also fasten. Under the resulting wagon attached two longitudinal curved sticks that vdevayutsya in the wheel. Circles can be fully or partially upholstered wooden rubber.

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