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How do these Hollywood curls

How to make a real Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls again at the peak of popularity!

A little patience, and soon you will make a fashionable hairstyle very quickly - within 15-20 minutes.

To create this hairstyle will require a large curling iron, hair spray, hair oil and brush brushing, if the hair is slightly curled.

1. The first thing you need to wash your hair, dry it and straighten using a round brush if they are wavy. If you want them to be bulky at the roots - raise them during the drying process by using the same schetki-
2. With the help of a comb, divide hair parted in the middle - as you are accustomed to their nosit-
3. Divide the hair for about two (accuracy is not needed here) -
4. Now it is possible to separate the strands of any thickness and cheat them on curling in the direction "of the person." If there is a large curling iron, you can wind the hair on the small - just curls will be smaller. Clamping foot hair is not necessary that there are no creases - simply hold the tip of the strand until the hair zavivayutsya-
5. Once all the strands zavyutsya, you need to wait until the hair cool, then sprinkle them with varnish and split-finger
6. To tresses were more structural, apply a little oil to the hair hair-
7. If you want to be more luxuriant hair - drop your head down, fluff the hair and apply a little polish.

Hairstyle is ready!

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