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How to make a palm from bottles


How to make a palm from bottles</a>

Accumulated at home or at the cottage plastic bottles can be a wonderful decoration of the infield: from them you can make intricate figures and statues, for example palm trees.

You will need

  • - plastic bottles of brown and green color-
  • - scissors-
  • - drill and drill-
  • - metal rod.



Form the trunk of the palm. To do this, take the brown bottles and cut each of them at the bottom at a height of 15-17 cm. From the halves with the bottom, and the trunk will be formed: cut their edges with denticles (this will create the effect of the roughness of the trunk). Then, using a drill and a drill in each element of the barrel, make holes, the diameter of which should be equal to the diameter of the selected metal rod. Begin collecting the trunk, threading the prepared brown elements one by one on the bar (wear the details of the trunk with bottoms downwards). Then gently bend the denticles.


Make green leaves out of green plastic bottlesPalms. To do this, cut each container in half along the length and make cuts along the edge. Pay attention to the fact that the width of the leaves should be slightly more than half the diameter of the bottle, otherwise the leaves will twist.


Fix the green leaves. To do this, on the last green bottle, leave the neck with the stopper. In the plug, drill a hole whose diameter should be equal to the diameter of the metal rod, and plant the assembled barrel. Then, gently press all the other leaves.


The green leaves can be fixed andanother way. To do this, in the upper part of the trunk, perform several cross-shaped incisions (their number should correspond to the number of leaves of the palm). Stitches make a staggered order, so that the leaf blades do not interfere with each other. Then insert the leaves into these notches and fasten the structure from the inside.


Set the collected palm tree to the location you selected. This decoration is not afraid of wind, frost and heavy rain, so long will please your look.

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