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How do the palm of the bottles

How to make the palm of the bottles

Accumulated at home or at the cottage plastic bottles can be a wonderful decoration of the infield: one can make intricate figurines and statues, such as palm trees.

You will need

  • - Plastic bottles of brown and green colors-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Drill and sverla-
  • - Metal bars.



Form the trunk of the palm. To do this, take a brown bottle and cut each of them on the bottom of a height of 15-17 cm from the halves with bottomed and will form the trunk:. Cut edges of their teeth (it will create the effect of the roughness of the trunk). Then, using a drill and drill bits in each barrel elements are made holes, the diameter of which must be equal to the diameter of your chosen metal bar. Start collecting barrel, stringing rod on one by one trained brown elements (wear parts bottoms of the barrel down). Then gently peel back teeth.


Is made of green plastic bottles leavespalm trees. To do this, each container cut in half along the length and make incisions along the edge. Note that the width of the leaves should be slightly more than half the diameter of the bottle, otherwise the leaves will twist.


Attach the green leaves. To this end, on the last green bottle neck with cork leave. In a traffic jam, drill hole diameter should be equal to the diameter of the metal bar, and push the assembled barrel. Then gently push the rest of the leaves.


Run consolidation and green leaves can beanother way. To do this, several cross-shaped incisions in the upper part of the trunk (the number must match the number of palm leaves). An incision is made in a staggered manner so that leaf blades do not interfere with each other. Then plug in the incisions inside the leaves and fix the structure.


Install the palm collected at selected location. This ornament is not afraid of the wind, frost and heavy rain, so long will please your eyes.

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