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How do the numbers of the balls

How do the numbers of the balls

Decoration Interior interior, exterior space landscape called Aerodesign. The main element in Aerodesign considered as balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes.

Both beginners and experienced aerodizaynery know how we can make the numbers of the balls.

Such air figures perfectly complement the design of a holiday.

You will need

  • - Balls of green and any other color "5" size
  • - Cable AVVG 4x25 - 3.30 m
  • - Ornamental decoration of the finished product of the balls
  • - fishing line
  • - Glue gun



In Aerodesign there are several optionsmanufacturing figures from balloons. That's the most common way you can make any number of small round balls that you need to inflate the same size. If you do the numbers of the balls for the first time, be sure to tell the seller of balloons that you are going to do Aerodesign. Seller will select the balls you the required strength, roundness and size. In our case the required size balls 5.


In order to make the number "2", which standson the green "clearing" (the remaining digits are made on the same principle), first prepare the cable. It will serve as a framework for clearing and figures. Suitable for cable AVVG 4x25 type. For clearing cut the cable length of 1.20 m for the numbers -. 2.10 m.


Both pieces on both sides of the cable loop bend to beads subsequently jumped from the carcass. fold the number "2" From a longer cable. the cable will form its base.


From green balls do the clearing. For this twist is between 4 inflated balloon. Such twisting are called "primitives." Skewer primitives into the clearing. Total required for the entire frame 16, clearing entities. Put the green meadow on the finished floor.


Now proceed to the manufacturing number "2" of the balls of the fifth the size of any other color, such as red, pink or blue. On it will need more primitive than the clearing.


Now turn to hoist the resulting "two" of theballs on "clearing" and fasten it to her fishing line. The height of the aeroukrasheniya is 1.40 meters. You can further decorate the figure at its discretion.

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