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How to make the foundation for the porch

Enclosed porch

Often, many owners of private houses believe that the foundation of a device for the veranda can be postponed until better times.

But this opinion is absolutely wrong, as the load-bearing structure has an impact on the life of the whole construction.

Therefore, the creation of a basis for public or private terraces is just as important as the construction of the foundation for the house. Build a solid and reliable foundation can only be a responsible approach to work.

But this does not mean that it can not be done by hand.

The main thing is the presence of a great desire and the necessary materials.

No matter who will be engagedfoundation, professional or yourself, you first need to select the option to install the base. The foundation of a solid foundation for a more thorough veranda, which is planned to be operated in the winter time. Easier base is more suitable for small buildings, which are located on low land. This could be the construction of an outdoor terrace.

What to consider when building a foundation?

Evidence to the veranda - the most important element of the whole structure. That he would have to bear a load from the side of the structure itself and the part of the soil.

You can not bind into one foundation and basis for the terrace in order to avoid uneven subsidence of the main premises and other outbuildings.

With regard to the trench depth for pouring concrete,it must be the same as that of the one for arranging rummaged home basis. If the land on which the house is located, is characterized by high mobility of the soil, it is best to make the pier foundation.

In the study of the quality of a primer on the site should be considered several factors, namely:
- Uniformity of land-
- Bond strength particles grunta-
- Moisture content of the earth.

If you do not take into account these criteria, make a solid foundation for quality and will not work.

Construction of the foundation for the porch

To start counting performed internal and external borders of the base of future construction, given its length and width, plus an additional 200 mm.

During the markup Be sure to check the diagonal, which must be perfectly smooth.

After marking, you are ready to prepare the trench, where the plane should be checked for horizontality using gidrourovnya. The minimum depth of the trench is 300 mm.

In the finished layer the trench is filled with sand 50 mm,on top of which is placed a stone quarry. Along the perimeter of the pit exhibiting formwork boards, inside which should draw the line. It will show the highest possible level of pouring concrete. The inside of the casing is filled with binding wire.

Now it is possible to prepare concrete. To this mixed three parts sand, gravel five parts to one part cement. Water is added as needed. Pour the finished concrete should be in one step, without making large time gaps. Further construction of the veranda can be continued only after the concrete dries.

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