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How to make the foundation for the partition

How to make a foundation for partition

The construction of various structures like residential,and non-residential, it is often accompanied by not only the construction of the exterior walls, but also the installation of interior partitions. And if in the manufacture of structures with a wooden wall paneling made of plywood or drywall additional devices basement optionally, the installation of capital brick or block walls it is required.

Foundation for the partition not only used to support the walls, but also to reduce the load on the house in general primer.



One of the foundation options for interior wallsperformed during the installation of concrete floor screed. In this case, the installation locations of partitions run further penetration, after which the reinforcing mesh is laid in the lower portion. In order to achieve connection with the subfloor with concrete, it should be poured in one go.


The disadvantage of this method of device supportdesign is the possibility of the appearance of cracks on the walls of non-compliance with technology in its construction. Moreover, such a scheme is under the foundation walls is the most expensive and irrational, so use it only in extreme cases.


Most often baffles arranged foundation with support on bearing wall. In this case, it fulfills the role of the beam, which is based on the supporting wall.


Leave recess 500 mm width and 350 mmin the bearing walls in the time base will erect, so that they are located 100 mm below the level of the finished floor. It is necessary to design floor could bring to the partition as close as possible.


If the niche is not provided in the masonrythe plinth of the building, run them through a special tool, for which you can use the hammer. Remember that the niche depth should be at least 200 mm.


Make additional support post, if the beam is longer than six meters. Supporting pillars need and in those cases, if the ground is not bearing on the load-bearing walls.


Deepen the support column to the dense layers of the soil, and then all zaarmiruyte using fittings A 500 mm diameter to 12 in four of the rod.

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