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How do the cleaning after fire

How do the cleaning after fire

Residential areas affected by the scourge of fire, difficult to turn back into a cozy home nest.

But to start with something that is necessary, and the first step towards the restoration of the former comfort becomes a good cleaning.

You will need

  • Scrapers
  • Brushes
  • Household chemicals
  • Rags, rags



Free up space on the interior,large and small debris. This should be done immediately to harvest does not hurt. For convenience, the room must be dry - if the weather allows it, wide open all the doors, windows and balcony. If cleaning is carried out company specializes in otchischenii premises after the fire, then such organizations should be a special device for drying.


Engage in cleansing the ceiling, walls and floor of the soot,soot and other pollution, using specialized tools to remove this kind of pollution like smoke and soot turned out much faster.


The next step, remove the doors, windows and othercombustion products, which are harmful to human health, and toxic substances deposited on surfaces. If something of the things interior survived during a fire and can be used again, most owners prefer to clean things rather than throw away. But we should not go to extremes and try to keep that clearly can not be restored. During the fire materials under high temperature decompose, after which decomposition products are deposited on furniture, ceilings, walls and all surfaces.


To remove the smell left after a fire,should pick up chemicals properly. Independently remove the smell of burning is unlikely to succeed - it is necessary to use special tools with good quality. In formula occupational chemicals designed so that their use can not remove the odor, and convert it into another.


Make repairs will be possible only aftersoot and dirt from the surfaces. It is a fatty coating that prevents paint and plastered walls. There are also special chemicals to be used.


The completion of cleaning can be considered aftertaken out the trash and remove stains, the room was prepared for subsequent repair, washed windows and glass surfaces. Where possible, they should be cleaned and dismantled fire damaged floor areas, measures were taken to remove mildew, odor.

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