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How to make a bulk snowflake

How to make a three-dimensional snowflake

Bulk snowflake can be made from anything available material there is always at hand.

This can be paper, white or colored, flour and even salt.

You will need

  • For the manufacture of bulk snowflakes out of paper:
  • - Several sheets Paper
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - steppler-
  • - Ribbon or lace.
  • For the production of the bulk crystal snowflakes:
  • - 3 zubochistki-
  • - Wool nitki-
  • - salt-
  • - Water.
  • For the manufacture of bulk snowflakes from salt dough:
  • - 2 cups of flour-
  • - 1 cup of soliton
  • - 250 g of water-
  • - 1 tablespoon vegetable oils-
  • - Gouache or acrylic kraski-
  • - kistochki-
  • - blestki-
  • - protiven-
  • - oven.



3-D sheet of paper snowflake
Fold a sheet of paper like an accordion. Try to keep all the folds were equal, of equal width. Hold the edge of the accordion with his left hand, cut on both sides of different shapes: triangles, semi-circles, squares and so on. Having them in a different order, you will receive a unique pattern and make beautiful and original snowflake.


One end of the bellows and fix a staplerexpand it like a fan. Connect the edge of the workpiece and glue them with white glue or fix a stapler. Attach the ribbon. To snowflake sparkled and shimmered, sprinkle it with hairspray Glitter.


Crystal snowflake
Conduct an experiment to grow crystals in the form ofsnowflakes. 3 Take a toothpick, add them in the form of a ray, the middle tie thread. All the resulting rays tightly wrap the wool thread for knitting. When finished winding the last toothpick, tear off the yarn, leaving a long tail.


Make a brine solution. To do this, pour boiling water and pour salt into the container. When it ceases to be dissolved, the solution is ready.


Dip into it construction of toothpicks,wrapped yarn, holding the tail, and leave it in the solution for several hours. The salt will immediately begin to settle the future is not a snowflake. During the process very interesting to watch, so enjoy this experience for adults and children. After a few hours of a snowflake is ready, it can remove it and decorate the Christmas tree or building. However, the longer the blank will be in the salt solution, the crystal will turn more and snowflake becomes formless.


The bulk of the snowflake test

Make salt dough. Mix the flour and salt, then pour the mixture water water and vegetable oil. Knead the dough. Finished weight should be elastic and not stick to hands. If the dough is quite elastic, add the liquid, and if, on the contrary, stick to hands and stretches too, add more flour.


Fashion a mass of a variety of snowflakes. With a cocktail stick make a hole, so you could stretch the ribbon through it.


Place figures on a baking sheet and bake inoven. Once they have cooled, paint with white paint and sprinkle with glitter. Also, they can be decorated with beads, beads, sequins, bits of tinsel.

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