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How to make a volumetric hand-made of natural material.


How to make an original hand-made of natural material</a>

In autumn, in kindergartens and schools, children are asked to do homework - to make an article from natural material, and then arrange an exhibition of such works.

A lot of children make crafts from cones, how to design this craft so that it would surprise not only children, but also adults.

You will need

  • Cones, small twigs, plasticine, a box of shoes, fishing line, cotton wool, scissors, shells or small pebbles, cardboard, clerical glue.



1. Make a man from cones, plasticine and twigs.

Arrangement of cones


2. In the box from under the shoes of plasticine draw a background, smearing plasticine on the inside of the box. The upper part is covered with blue and blue plasticine, it will be the sky, the bottom part is green.


3.; Attach the boxes down on the clay stone or shells.


4.At the bottom of the box plasticine can be depicted a tree, for this, first smear the brown plasticine in the form of a trunk and branches, then pinch off small pieces of plasticine yellow, green and red and glue them to twigs, these will be leaves. You can glue such leaves under the branches and on the ground, these will be leaves that fall from the tree.


5. Cut the sun out of the yellow cardboard.


6.; Cut out three clouds of white cardboard


7.; Spread clouds with clerical glue, tear off small fluffy pieces of cotton wool and apply them to the cloud.


8.; One cloudlet paste on a piece of plasticine at the bottom of the box in


9.; Insert the fishing line into the needle, the length of the line should be more than the width of the box, tie a knot, pierce the box from the outside with the right side, retreating a few centimeters from the bottom. Now make a few stitches in the sun, and pierce the box from the opposite side at the same distance from the bottom and top of the box. Tie a knot. Now the sun is fixed vertically, but still spinning and hanging. Fix it with a fishing line vertically, also sewing with a box.

Original hand-made cones


10. In the same way, fixing the line along the vertical and horizontal, attach two more clouds, arrange them at different heights, one closer to the edge of the box, the other further.


11.; Attach the legs of the man with plasticine to the box.

How to make an original hand-made of natural material


12. If you have several children and the youngest also wants to make a craft, you can just give him a box of shoes and clay, and what to do next he will come up with himself.

Children's art, plasticine paintings

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