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HOW to do the bulk of the natural material crafts.

How can I make crafts from natural materials

Autumn in gardens and school children ask their homework - to make crafts from natural materials, and then arrange the exhibition of such works.

A lot of kids do crafts from cones as well to issue this hack, so that she was surprised not only children but also adults.

You will need

  • Cones, small twigs, clay, shoe box, fishing line, cotton, scissors, shells or small stones, cardboard, stationery glue.



1; Make man from cones, twigs and clay.

Crafts from cones


2; In a box from under the shoe paint plasticine background, smearing clay on the inside of the box. The upper part close up blue and the blue clay, it is the sky, the lower part of the green.


3, Pin-down box on the clay pebbles or seashells.


4.; At the bottom of the box can be represented by clay tree for this first smudge brown clay in the form of the trunk and branches, then pinch off small pieces of plasticine yellow, green and red colors and attach them to the twigs, leaves it to be. You can paste these leaves under the branches and on the ground, it will be the leaves that fall from the tree.


5; Cut out of yellow cardboard sun.


6.; Cut out white cardboard 3 clouds


7; Spread clouds stationery glue, tear off small pieces of fluffy cotton wool and apply them to the cloud.


8.; one puff of glue on a piece of clay at the bottom of the box in


9.; Insert the needle in the line, fishing line length should be longer than the width of the box, tie a knot, pierce the outside of the box to the right side, stepping back a few centimeters from the bottom. Now take a few stitches in the sun, and pierce the box from the opposite side at the same distance from the bottom and top of the box. Tie a knot. Now the sun is fixed vertically, but still steep and loose. Fix it fishing line vertically, also request a box.

The original hack of cones


10., In the same manner, fixing scaffold vertically and horizontally, attach two more clouds, place them at different heights, one closer to the edge of the box, on the other.


11; Attach legs plasticine man to the box.

How can I make crafts from natural materials


12; If you have several children and younger also wants to make crafts, you can simply give him a box from under the shoe, and clay, and what to do next, he invented himself.

Children's creativity, plasticine paintings

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