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How to make a three-dimensional garland

Everyone wants to decorate your home for the holidays, but who do not always have time to buy decorations.

Construct a simple three-dimensional garland in just a couple of minutes out of scrap materials.

You will need

  • -Plastic Containers or cups
  • -Obyknovennaya Glowing garland
  • -Glue
  • -Podarochnaya Packaging wrap
  • -Beautiful Wide plain ribbon



Lay electric garland on a flat surface. If you want to untangle it, and check the performance of the lamp.


Take the plastic container (it shouldnecessarily closed). In the middle, put a few lights on electric lights and close tightly between the lid and the bottom. If necessary, use tape and glue.


Lay the wrapping paper. In the middle put your plastic container with a garland. Wrap the container in horizontal wrapping paper.


Secure the side using an adhesive tape or a stapler.


The ends of each of your container in wrapping paper decorate the beautiful wide straps. Your bulk garland is ready.

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