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How do the budget repair apartments

Budget room renovation

Is it possible to make cosmetic repairs for little money?

Yes, a budget version update does not require a large financial and physical costs and will not take much time.

If you do not have enough money to repair the apartment, thenYou can use the budget option. It does not require the conversion of the global housing - demolition or filling-wall, but will help to transform the apartment by updating it.

What is needed to repair

Before starting work, should make a shopping list and put down the approximate price. Then it will be clear that had the funds.

When redecorating the room assumed that an illustrative list of the necessary materials and equipment can be:
1; Wallpapers. Number of rolls is easy to calculate. Usually one - 10 meters. First, measure the length and width of the room, these values ​​are multiplied. We obtain a number equal to the area of ​​a pasted over surface. When calculating do not forget about the extra inches to fit the picture and remember that glued the whole canvas. The remains will go to the space above the door, near a window.
2.; wallpaper glue. Usually, only one package at a medium-sized room.
3; primer.
4.; spatula.
5; Putty. If unlucky, the walls are not pleased with their directness, you may need quite a lot of building material. Cheaper - dry putty, which is diluted with water according to the instructions.
6, for the ceiling - panels of expanded polystyrene, PVC or latex paint.
7, adhesive panels. He will need in the event that as a decoration of the ceiling they are selected.
8, brushes, oil paint for doors and windows.
9, laminate or linoleum.

Major works

Once the materials are bought, it is necessary to make the room furniture or move it to the center of the cover film. Begin repairs to the ceiling.
Before applying latex paint atwith water and a cloth wash the old paint, but it is quite troublesome and time consuming. Whitewashing will drip down and dirty the floor furnishings. It is better to select a panel. There are very cheap, but nice specimens. They adhere well even on old untrained ceiling with glue for panels. Begin - from the center of the room and reach its outer sides.
The walls are free from old wallpaper.

It is convenient to take end-of-century wallpaper with warm water and roll. With this tool, dipped in water, are coated wallpaper, and after 15 minutes easily removed

If the walls are uneven, then they have to applyputty. It should be dry for 24 hours. You can then apply a primer, and when it is dry - hang wallpaper. Then color windows (if wood) and doors.
Laminate and linoleum - affordable options for sexcoating. In addition, they are easy to lay and lay. floor can be made from these materials not only in rooms, but also in the kitchen, hallway. Wallpaper, ceiling tiles are glued in these areas as well as in rooms. The result is a clean, renovated apartment and spent at least this means.

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