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HOW do tandoor

The heat in the tandoor - is a feast!

Tandoor or tandoor - a ceramic furnace east-roaster. Tandyra uniqueness is that it is a natural energy accumulation fire.

The tandoor prepared a variety of dishes of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and oriental pastries and cakes.

You will need

  • Wooden barrel
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Sheep's wool
  • Sunflower oil (refined)
  • Incandescent lamps on ceramic cartridges



We need to take a wooden barrel slightly smallersize than planned tandoor. Pay attention to the density of the dressing metal hoops on the barrel. Hoops should wear loose, but do not fall down. After that the barrel is necessary to pour water to the tree swelled.


Then you need to prepare a clay solution,from which he will cling tandoor: clay fireclay (neobozhzhёnnaya) - 1 part sand Fireclay (Burnt) - 2 parts. Also added to the solution need fleece, previously chopped 10-15 mm.


Once the barrel swells, it should be poured outwater. Then turn and dry. After drying, the drum is smeared inside vegetable sunflower oil for impregnation. Let the oiled barrel is open overnight.


Then we begin to sculpt the tandoor from a solution,prepared in advance. It is necessary to spread a thick layer of a solution of 2-3 cm on the inner walls, densely to stamp. Be sure to smooth out internal irregularities.

Then you need to Sause neck of tandoor to the heat did not go away from it.


Now tandoor to dry in a wellventilated dry place. This can be done with just a few light bulbs (required on ceramic cartridges). Lamp power depends on the value tandyra. Drying should be in a well ventilated dry room, and can be in the sun. The wood in the drying process is peeled off from the clay tandoor. On drying it takes about 7-10 days.


After drying must be removed with a wooden hoopsbarrels and take out the wooden elements of the barrel. Then tandoor is installed on a layer of sand, and laid the wood in it. Then tandoor is heated gradually, over 4-6 hours in small portions of wood.


The final firing tandoor done so. It is necessary to cover the neck of tandoor cover, which should be open smoke hole, and then fanned the fire inside. Tandoor pre-warmed, and then the fire increases to very strong.


After firing is complete tandoor should slowlyto cool, and then it must be mounted vertically or horizontally. Tandoor is better insulate the outside of felt or wool, and then to impose a brick.

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