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How to make a strawberry from felt

How to make a strawberry from felt

Surely everyone loves strawberries, and many would like to see this berry has become an ornament in the house.

After all, it is suitable for the kitchen and for the child.

And more of it can get a great needle bed.

You will need

  • •; red felt
  • •; green felt
  • •;scissors
  • •;compass
  • •; line
  • •;a piece of chalk
  • •; thread
  • •;needle
  • •;beads
  • •;glue



Take a ruler, a compass and chalk. With their help draw a half circle on a red felt. The radius of 5-7 cm. Now cut a semi-circle of red felt.


Take the green felt. Using chalk, draw eight-pointed star and then cut.


Fold the half circle of red felt in half and sew the edge to get a cone. Turn out that the seam inside.


Fill the cone with cotton wool. Sew the open edges of a simple stitch, and then pull the thread. Secure seam tightened.


Garnish with a strawberry beads to get like a stone.


Paste (or stitch) green star of felt to the strawberries. Done!

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