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How to make a steam server


How to make a steam server

At this point in time in the modern world often use different steam servers.

Steam allows you to activate the download from the network. It was created by game developers on computers.

Through the steam sale of games of famous publishers.

There are also a lot of different questions that are related to the creation of steam servers.

If you follow certain rules, you can create a server without problems.

You will need

  • PC, Internet



In order to create a steam server, download from the Internet hldsupdatetool. Install this program on the hard disk of your computer in the directory C: Program FilesValveHLServer.


Go to the "Start" and click "Run". In the opened window, enter cmd in the Command line. Write the command cd C: Program FilesValveHLServer. You will need to create a folder, for example, "C: / Server". In the Command line, write HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir "C: / Server". The program will be updated and the file will start to swing. This will take about 20 minutes.


You can do so. Create a shortcut for HldsUpdateTool.exe. Then right-click it and select Properties. Where the Object is, write -command update -game cstrike -dir "C: / Server".


Go to the folder with the server. Start the shortcut. This is done in two ways. The first one is called visual.


Run the hlds.exe.
Game - the name of your game
Server name - The name of your server.
Map is the starting map.
Network - Internet for the Internet or Lan for the network
MaxPlayers - slots - the number of players.
UPDport - 27015 - standard - connection port
Rcon Password - the password that is needed for remote management of the server.


The second way is console. The folder where the server is located is the resource we need. Using Notepad, create StartServer.cmd. In it, then type start / MIN / HIGH hlds.exe + sv_lan 1 -game cstrike + port 27015 -console -insecure -noipx + maxplayers 12 + map de_dust2.
start / MIN / HIGH hlds.exe - starts hlds.exe with high priority.
sv_lan, 1-Internet, 0 -net.
-game is a game.
+ port - port 27015 - goes standard
-console - start in the console.
+ maxplayers - slots - the value of the players.
+ map - map.


In general, we can say that creating a server is not difficult, you just need to follow certain rules.

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