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How to make a spoiler


How to make a spoiler</a>

The desire to change for the better the dynamic characteristics of the car and the desire to revitalize its appearance, brought to the use of motorists the concept of a spoiler.

Today you can buy a ready-made spoiler, but you can make it yourself.

You will need

  • - polystyrene with a size of 100x100 cm and a thickness of up to 5 cm-
  • - paint for the color of your car, about a couple of cylinders,
  • - sheet of iron (not more than 1.5 mm thick) -
  • - putty and priming up to three jars-
  • - epoxy adhesive of the order of two kilograms-
  • - Brushes for applying glue, you can Chinese-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - fiberglass or carbon fiber-
  • - LEDs and neon lights.



Houses of foam plastic cut out a "blade"? Wing, it is better to do it diagonally, to fit into the dimensions.


Proceed to make the fastener. Cut out the plates from the sheet of iron. Drill three millimeter holes at a distance of not more than 30 mm. Fold the plate in the form of the Latin letter L (it is more convenient to attach it). In the base weld nuts with a diameter of 6 mm. Carefully glue them to the foam blocks, cover with fiberglass (carbon fiber). Apply at least three layers of fiberglass. When gluing, maintain the interval so that the glue has time to polymerize. To speed up the process, it can be slightly heated. Remember, you do not need to prepare a lot of glue as if you do not waste it, it will quickly harden. The glue has not yet solidified, it is well washed off under a stream of hot water. Polyfoam chips have the property of sticking, to remove static voltage, touch grounded objects.


In the glued spoiler, lay the wires, if you decide to make a stop signal or parking lights, install the neon lights and LEDs.


Spot the surface of the spoiler, apply the putty, sand it with sandpaper and prepare for painting.


Color the resulting blank.


Install the spoiler on the prepared place.

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