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How to Make a Solonetz


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In nature, the content of salts in the natural plant foods needed to feed herbivores is very small.

Therefore, animals (hares, deer, roe deer, moose) need mineral salts for normal development of the body.

The lack of salts is compensated by the arrangement of artificial solonetzes.

There are several types of solonets: troughs made of boards - hollowed troughs in the trunk of a fallen tree - solonets - "pole" - solonets - "splitting".



Trough from the boards. Prepare boards, preferably from hardwood. The size of the trough is approximately 75x35 cm, the board height is 20 cm.


Tear off the trough and secure it at a height of one meter from the ground. Pre-insert strong stakes into the ground. The result is a trough made of boards.


For lactation, elks usually use trunksDumped trees (you can cut a tree only with the permission of the hunter). Solonets in this case do as follows. Ax in the trunk of the tree cut down the trough 50 cm long and put salt there.


Make a few troughs along the trunk. Access to solonetz will become freer, and the ground will be less trampled. The advantage of this device is that atmospheric precipitation will dissolve the salt in the trough and soak up the bark of the tree. Such a bark is readily eaten by animals.


To make a solonetz type "stolbik" select a stump, with an ax make a groove in the middle and lay salt.


If the stump is narrow, nail the straps around the circumference. Make the height of the bars above the cut of the stump by 10 cm. If there is no stump, bury the column in the ground and, similarly, make a stump with a stump Solonetz. This type of solonetz arrange in the area of ​​feeding animals.


Make Solonetz Type "cleavage" can be, picking up a suitable stump with a diameter of 15 cm. Split the stump with the ax. Insert the wedge and put a piece of salt on it.


In the device for solonets lay lumpy rock salt. It does not collapse under the influence of precipitation.


Periodically clear the solonetz, if necessary, arrange new ones.

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