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Sodium - is very active alkali metal.

It is rapidly oxidized in air, often with inflammation, it reacts vigorously with water to release hydrogen and form a combustible caustic soda solution.

For this reason, it can not be found in thenature in pure form is found in the sodium compounds. In industry, the sodium complex is prepared by electrochemical processes, which are subjected to melt the sodium salts.

But a small amount of this wonderful metal can be obtained artisanal.

You will need

  • Graphite cup, graphite rod, sodium hydroxide, oil, a powerful source of direct current.



Take a cup made of graphite (the ideal would be a cup of precious metal). Put it in a small piece of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), it should be slightly moist.


Then, around a piece of sodium hydroxide pourlittle dehydrated oil, but so that the upper part of the piece was not covered by them. After that, take a powerful source of direct current and the negative wire to the cup, and connect to the positive graphite rod.


Now turn the power on, and dip the rod inhumidified sodium hydroxide. The moisture present in the material will improve conductivity, but it is not sufficient to completely react with the sodium. When large current metallic sodium will be allocated to the minus electrode (graphite plate) and a layer of oil interferes with it to contact with air.

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