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How to make small curls at home

How to make small curls at home

Delicate feelings and vulnerable women rarely talk about their mood directly. Often express emotions and thoughts of beauty makes her appearance, and special attention is paid to the hairstyles.

That will take some of the random selection - in fact an integral part of the thought-image.

You will need

  • - Mousse hair-
  • - Nail fiksatsii-
  • - Thin bigudi-
  • - Silicone gum for hair-
  • - comb.



Small neat curls - an amazing waygive the image of playfulness and emphasize the provocative character of the girl. At the same time slightly tousled hair to help visually adjust the shape of the face, adopting the attention of the heavy jaw or too round cheeks. Owners of an oval-shaped face with a small curls will further highlight the thin, aristocratic appearance, contrasting with unruly curls.


Show African hair color can behome, without the need for costly professional help and a lot of styling products. The most economical way to create small curls - tight braids, braided for the night. Wash your head and slightly dry the hair with a towel. Separate the hair into thin strands and braid them into tight braids. Try doplesti braid down to the tips of the hair, so they are not stuck negligent straight strands of curls. The tip of each pigtail fix thin silicone rubber band, without missing the tips of all for her. So your hair will remain uniformly curly over the entire length, and the soft gum material will not leave them room. If your hair is well keep their shape, use the foam is not necessary for installation.


Gives hair volume and Curly fewhours will help thin hair curlers - bobbins. To create a natural, relaxed "springs" need bobbins of different sizes, are very thin and medium thickness. Apply on hair styling, and comb it. Starting from the top, separate the thin strands and tighten them to the rollers so that the wand perpendicular to the head. Fix a rubber band or string bobbins. Tighten the hair on top, go to the side of the head, and then to the back of the head. Perm Leave for 2-4 hours, then remove the curlers and sprinkle with hair lacquer.

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