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How to make small curls


Small curls will make your image light and bright</a>

Small curls can be made as with traditional methods, and with the help of improvised means.

Each of these methods is suitable for both short and long hair.

But on each haircut curls can look different.

Try each option and find the one that suits you best.

6 Ways to Make Small Curls

The first and most durable way to findSmall curls - do a chemical wave of hair. According to the masters of beauty salons, curls can last up to 6 months. But if you are not ready for such a cardinal decision (which can adversely affect the health of your hair), then there are 5 more ways to make a hairstyle from small locks at home at a time.
To implement the second method, you will needHair iron. Separate the thin strand of hair. Screw it into the object with the desired diameter of future curls (pencil, brush, handle), holding it vertically. Put a small piece of foil on the bottom up to the level of the wound strand. Take the object through the top, holding the hair with your fingers. Close the curled curl with foil on top. Press for a few seconds with the iron and open the foil. Curlet is ready. Now be patient and do the same on the remaining hair.
The third way is to wind curlsOn a thin ployka. Before starting the procedure, be sure to drizzle the hair with a thermal protective device. Take thin curls and wind in accordance with the instructions to your fuse.
For the fourth method you need to clean it lightlyWet hair apply foam for styling. Divide the hair into four parts, tying two bundles on top and two from the bottom. Loosen one of the lower parts and braid 10 braids from these hair, leaving a very small tip tied with a thin band. Repeat with the rest of the hair. Burst for the night, and in the morning, untwist the braids and lightly comb the hair with your fingers. The effect will last until washing.
Method five - wind small strands on the bobbin- wooden sticks with notches in a spiral. Treat the hair with foam and twist the thin curls on the bobbin from top to bottom. Hold for four hours and untwist. Divide the hair into smaller curls or set it with elastic curls and sprinkle with varnish.
The sixth way is to windSmall strands of hair curlers boomerangs - thin foam wicks with a wire inside, thanks to which the curlers can be twisted and fix the curl. Wrap should be wet hair, treated with foam. Allow to dry completely (3-4 hours) or leave overnight.

How to make small curls from improvised means

There are several ways to make hair small curls.
For example, you can useCocktail Tubes. Screw on them thin curls, on which previously apply the foam for styling, fix the roots of the invisible. After an hour and a half remove and shape your fingers.
Curler boomerangs can be replaced with strips of tissue or wet wipes, tying them at the roots. Hairstyle is very voluminous and resistant.
You can also make curly hair with the help ofHairpins. Hairstyle is done on damp hair. Separate the thin strand, thread it into the core of the hairpin and wind the hair in the shape of an eight around the ends of the hairpin. Secure the tip with invisibility. After an hour and a half, untwist your hair and give it shape, slightly spreading your fingers.
Experiment and invent your own ways to create small curls at home!

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