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How to make small curls

Small curls will make your way easy and bright

Small curls can be done as well as conventional methods and with the help of available tools.

Each of these methods is suitable for both short and long hair.

But each haircut curls can look differently.

Try each option and find the one that suits you best.

6 ways to make small curls

The first and most durable way to gainsmall curls - to make a chemical wave of hair. According to the master of beauty salons, curls can hold up to 6 months. But if you are not ready for such a radical decision (which can adversely affect the health of the hair), then there are 5 ways that you can make a hairstyle of small curls at home at once.
To implement the second method, you will needhair iron. Separate a thin strand of hair. Screw it for you with the correct diameter future Irons (pencil, brush, pen), holding it vertically. Put a small piece of foil from the bottom to the level of stranded strands. Remove the item at the top, holding the hair with your fingers. Close the top curl rolled foil. Press for a few seconds utjuzhkom and open the foil. Curly ready. Now, please be patient and do the same on the remaining hair.
A third method is to wrap curlsa thin curling. Before starting the procedure be sure to spray the hair thermal protectant. Take thin locks and screw in accordance with the instructions for your curling.
For the fourth method is necessary to clean slightlyWet hair, apply mousse. Divide the hair into four sections, tying two beams on top and two on the bottom. Loosen one of the lower parts of these and braid hair braids 10, leaving a very small tip, tied a thin rubber band. Repeat with the rest of the hair. Braided for the night and in the morning Unbraid braids and gently comb the hair with your fingers. The effect will be to hold on to the head washing.
Fifth method - small strands screwed onto bobbins- Wooden sticks with notches in a spiral. Treat the hair foam and wrap the thin curls on bobbin from top to bottom. Soak for four hours and unwind. Divide the hair into smaller curls or ustavte elastic curls and sprinkle with varnish.
Sixth way is to wind thesmall strands on curlers, boomerangs - thin foam sticks with wire inside, thanks to which you can spin the rollers and thereby fix a lock. Screw should be wet hair treated with foam. Withstand to dry completely (3-4 hours) or leave overnight.

How to make small curls improvised

There are several ways to make the hair of small curls.
For example, can be used for this purposeCocktail tubes. Screw them thin ringlets, which are pre-applied mousse, secure in stealth roots. After half an hour, remove and shape the fingers.
Curler, boomerangs can be replaced with cloth strips or wipes, tying them at the roots. Hair turns the volume and very resistant.
Also, to make curly hair can be usinghairpins for hair. Hair done on wet hair. Separate a thin strand, insert it into the core pin and screw the hair in the form of eight around the ends of the studs. Tip fix invisible. After an hour and a half spin the hair and gives it shape, slightly spreading fingers.
Experiment and invent their own ways to create small curls at home!

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