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HOW do sharkunok of birch bark

How to make a birch bark sharkunok

The Russian people have always been known for handicrafts. One of these is weaving all kinds of handicrafts made of birch bark.

I suggest you remember the old days and a dip in the old days, that is to make crafts from bark with their own hands.

We do sharkunok - is a kind of old rattle, which is also used as a talisman.

You will need

  • - beresta-
  • - goroh-
  • - vegetable oil-
  • - knife-
  • - Awl.



The first thing you need to do to makethis hack is to steam the bark. By the way, it does not need to pluck from the tree bark is fine with firewood. For the decoupling of our working material should be poured into the pot a little water, boil it and then lowered to the bark.


Cover the pan with a lid and let it in itThen. After a couple of minutes, remove a piece of bark. It must be cut into several strips, they are called Insignias. The surface should be cleaned lychek received from the upper layers of the cortex. This is easily done by a simple knife. So, do all the pieces of birch bark.


To's stripes were more elastic,they need to be well oiled, from both sides. To make sharkunok need lychek 6 of the same size. To our working material in the future keep its shape better, you need to spin the edge of the birch bark seredinke.


Getting to the manufacture sharkunka. To do this, take the two's stripes and attach them to each other so that their edges are curled inside.


Then take another two's stripes and apply them soto the ends of the first two berestinok closed. Do not worry that this will break up design. It is strong enough because that's stripes are twisted.


The next two strips of birch bark need to close the ends of the previous ones. Then take an awl and using it carefully pull out the edge of the first pair of twisted lychek.


We can only fill in the product peas. Simply peel back the edges of one of lychek and, accordingly, put some peas in crafts. Sharkunok of birch bark is ready! If you want to use it as an amulet, it is necessary to fix it on the thread.

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