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How do sea postcard

sea ​​card

Wonderful sea bulk postcard will certainly cheer you up.

It will always remind you of the wonderful summer vacation at sea. And much more fun to do this kind of work in the company of their favorite friends, brother or sisters.

So you can safely call your friends and start the gay creativity.

Using the pattern, template, create all sorts ofmarine inhabitants of colored cardboard. Also it can be used for decorating ready-made elements, for example, shells and seahorses. They are sold in sets in children's stores for creativity. As the algae, we use a special paper grass, you can cut yourself, or buy ready-made in the kit. Then we put the sheet in half and glue cardboard rectangles, which will be attached sea inhabitants.

Glued to the rim and to the walls of cardboardcrab, fish, seahorse and seaweed. Due to the fact that they are on different plane, 3D effect is created. Decorate postcard ready-factory shells and sea horses, as well as do not forget about the algae: to give a more plausible picture of the underwater marine world.

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