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How do scales

You can make your own weights, and if not so, then similar

How often throughout our lives we have to weigh something.

And you can weigh anything.

Especially needed accuracy in the preparation of any substances that require rigor in the calculation of the proportions. On a glass eye or to measure the precise amount of the substance will not succeed.

Therefore it is better to buy the scales in the store, and more profitable way to be handwritten manufacturing scales.

You will need

  • - Piece box (cable channel), 0.5 m long
  • - High box for CDs for 50 pieces
  • - 2 Sealing caps for glass jars
  • - Strong thread
  • - A bolt with a small plot thread, nuts and washers



Parse box, we get the two halves. One resembles the letter P, and the second is similar to the line. The first will be a tripod for our scales, and the second? yoke. The tripod must not be too high, shorter than the rocker. At the top of the tripod in the middle of the beam to drill a hole the diameter of the bolt. Fastening both of the balance to be freely rotatable relative to each other and rubbing.


Make a stand. The box cover of the disc makes a hole. Insert into the hole tripod Twist.


Now bowl. The seaming lids make three holes in a circle, for the thread. To the bowl of the covers were resistant, mark the holes so that the distance between them was 7.5 cm in a straight line.


On both sides of the bar also made ourthread holes. With threads connect each bowl with a bar. Better to do this: take the end of the thread is passed through the hole on the lid, and then the thread goes through the shoulder bar. After that, not cutting off the thread, it is passed to the next hole, then back to the bar, and do so with both caps. After such fixing their caps will be easy to adjust.


Scales are almost ready. It is only necessary to carry out the final balance and balance them. At the end of the arm, which turned out better, sticking a small piece of plasticine.

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