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How to Make a Scale


You can make the scales yourself, and if not the like, then similar</a>

How often during our life we ​​have to weigh something.

And you can weigh anything.

Especially necessary is the accuracy in the preparation of any substances that require rigor in the calculation of proportions. The exact amount of the substance will not be obtained by eye or by the cup.

Therefore, it is better to buy scales in the store, and a more profitable way will be the hand-making of the scales.

You will need

  • - piece of duct (cable duct) 0.5 m long
  • - a high box for compact discs, designed for 50 pieces
  • - 2 sealing lids for glass jars
  • - strong thread
  • - a bolt with a small section for threads, nuts and washers



We dismantle the box, we get two halves. One resembles the letter P, and the second looks like a ruler. The first will be a tripod for our scales, and the second? Yoke. The tripod should not be too high, shorter than the rocker. At the top of the tripod and in the rocker arm we drill a hole in the middle along the diameter of the bolt. We fasten both parts of the weights so that they freely rotate relative to each other and do not rub.


We make a support. In the cover of the box for the discs make a hole. We insert a tripod into the hole, screw the cover.


Now bowls. In the seaming lids make three holes in a circle, for threads. To make the bowls of the lids stable, mark the holes so that the distance between them is 7.5 cm in a straight line.


On both sides of our crossbar are also madeHoles for threads. With the help of thread we connect each bowl with a crossbeam. It is better to do this: take the end of the thread, pass into the hole on the lid, then the thread goes over the shoulder of the crossbar. After that, without cutting the thread, we pass it to the next hole, then again to the crossbar, and so do with both lids. After such fastening of covers they can be easily adjusted.


The scales are almost ready. It is only necessary to carry out the final balancing and balance them. At the end of the shoulder, which turned out easier, we glue a small piece of plasticine.

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