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HOW do sambuca at home

Home sambuca

Recipe Italian liqueur Sambuca is unknown for certain. Producers manage to keep it a secret.

It is understood that the composition includes a wheat beverage alcohol, anise, sugar.

Tasters believe that there has extractor berries or elderberry flowers.

You will need

  • For the first recipe:
  • - 700 ml vodki-
  • - 4 tablespoons sahara-
  • - Ammonia-anise drops.
  • For the second recipe:
  • - 700 ml of alcohol 96% -
  • - 25 g of flowers black buziny-
  • - 100 g anisa-
  • - 400 g sahara-
  • - 550 ml of water.



On the basis of the "craftsmen" come up asdo sambuca themselves. There are 2 main recipe. First - a quick and easy. We need to take a bottle of vodka, remove it and add 2 dosing cap ammonia-anise drops. Merck - cap of the vial.


Now you need to put in a bottle of vodka and a funnel to pour the sugar. Close the bottle cap and shake the contents to the sweet crystals melted several times.


Very interesting way to use sambuca. When the drink is ready, you need to take a wine glass, add the 2 coffee beans and pour 50 grams of sambuca. Now the glass gently placed sideways on the glass.


Next, you need to take a lighter to set fire to the contents ofand twist the wineglass lying on his side, holding his leg. Then he warmed up evenly. Now you have to put it on a leg, close the top cover glass to extinguished the fire and have a drink, biting coffee beans.

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The second method is more complicated, but the drink is obtained closer to the original. Add the spices and stir into alcohol. Now, the liquid can be poured into the bottle, close the lid and put into a dark place for 5 days.


cook sweet syrup after this time. In a saucepan poured sugar and pour 250 ml of water. Put the dishes on the small fire, bring to a boil, stirring. you must remove the resulting foam from the surface of the syrup. When it ceases to be allocated, the sugar syrup is ready. It must be removed from the heat and cool.


The flavored alcohol, pour 300 mlwater, add sugar syrup, stir and pour it all into the distiller. Emerged from his first 50 milliliters of sambuca poured and the remainder poured into 700 1-2 bottles and clean for a week in a dark place. After that you can taste home sambuca.


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