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How to make a Russian passport


How to make a Russian passport</a>

Make a Russian passport legal byOnly one way - to apply to the territorial department of the FMS or the passport desk of the house management at the place of residence, stay or actual residence with a set of necessary documents.

The document will be ready in a period of 10 days to 4 months, and you can not shorten the waiting time by legal means.

You will need

  • - birth certificate or previous passport (if any) -
  • - documents confirming the need for changes in the passport (if any) -
  • - photo 35 х 45 mm.-
  • - application for the issuance of a passport-
  • - receipt for payment of state duty.



Fill out the application for extradition passporta. You can take it to the department of FMS, passportHouse management desk (depending on whether theWhere it is customary to apply on this issue in your area), download the website of the regional FMSA or the public services portal or fill out and send it to the FMS on the named portal online.


Requisites for payment of state duty can be found on the website of the regional Federal Migration Service or you can find out in the FMS department of your district, passportThe desk of the house management or the branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Payment is to be made in cash at any branch of Sberbank without commission.
The amount of the state duty is 200 or 500 rubles. In 2011, depending on the reason for the treatment. More expensive if passport Damaged by the fault of the owner or lost.


Photo «on passport"You will do in any atelier, usually available in both central and sleeping areas, often within walking distance from work or home.


If necessary, attach documents confirming the reason for the replacement to the package of documents passportA (the existing spoiled or unauthorized marks passport, Documents on changing the name, gender, date of birth, etc.). With the full set, contact passportHouse management board or FMS department (application for extradition passportAnd you can fill it by hand and directly on the spot, having received the corresponding form). If everything is in order, a new one passport Will be ready within 10 days when applying at the place of residence. In other cases, waiting can be delayed up to 4 months - while the answers to the inquiries necessary in these cases will come.

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