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How do Russian passport

How to make Russian passport

Make a Russian passport legally possibleOnly one way - to apply to the territorial department of FMS or dispensation passport office at the place of residence, stay or actual residence with a set of required documents.

The document will be ready in time from 10 days to 4 months and reduced waiting times by legal means impossible.

You will need

  • - Birth certificate or previous passport (if any) -
  • - Documents confirming the need for changes in the passport (if any) -
  • - Photo 35 x 45 mm.-
  • - Request for the grant pasporta-
  • - Receipt of payment of state duty.



Fill out the application for extradition passporta. You can take it to the FMS department, passportMr. dispensation table (depending onwhich made contact on this issue in your area), downloaded from the website of the regional FMS or state services portal, or complete and submit to the FMS on a named portal online.


Bank details for payment of state fees can be found on the website of the regional FMS or learn the FMS department of their district, passportMr table dispensation or Sberbank branch. Payment is made in cash at any branch of the Savings Bank with no commission.
The size of the state duty of 200 or 500 p. in 2011, depending on the reasons for the treatment. The more expensive, if passport damaged through the fault of the owner or lost.


Photos "on passport"You will in any studio, available usually in the central and sleeping areas, often within walking distance of work or at home.


If you want to attach to the package of paper documents, confirming the cause of replacement passportand (existing damaged or has foreign mark passportDocuments about the change of last name, gender, date of birth, etc.). With a full set of contact passportny table dispensation or FMS department (a request for grant passportor you can fill out by hand and on the spot, got the appropriate form) .If everything is in order, the new passport It will be ready within 10 days for handling at his residence. In other cases, the wait can take up to 4 months - until the coming response to the need in such cases requests.

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