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How to make a pylon


How to make a pylon</a>

If you have a garden plot, you, undoubtedly,Should be interested in ways to decorate the infield - and one of the most popular methods of decorating the site is to install a garden grate.

Such a lattice looks beautiful and neat, it makes the space of your garden more well-groomed and bright.

You can later land under a lattice vines or ivy, which will be wrapped around the wooden frame.



To install the grille you will need nineLattice panels with the desired pattern, as well as two panels with a different type of pattern, twelve metal brackets, twelve metal flat plates, as well as dowels, water-based paint in an atomizer, and several fixtures for decorating a fence.


In a dry and windless day, prepare everythingMaterials for the grating for painting, and then gently paint them from the spray gun, achieving a smooth and beautiful shade. To paint the grids, dilute the water-dispersion paint with water by one-third.


To avoid dirtying the space aroundA grating, put under it a polyethylene film. For convenience, lean the grate against the wall. Within fifteen minutes, dry each painted grate.


Clean the spray gun, fill it with warm water and run a jet of water through the opening of the spray gun.
Unscrew the grids pylon, Connecting panels in size of 30 cm to get a rectangular tricuspid box. To connect the corners of the structure, use metal brackets.


To the rear pylonScrew flat metal plates and fasten them to the wall. Verify how smoothly installed pylonS. Screw the grilles to the wall, pre-drill the holes and insert the dowels in them.


Decorate pylonS, setting them on the backlight of low-voltage fixtures, which must be screwed to the base of the grilles.

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