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How to make a pylon

If you have a garden plot, you will surelyWe should be interested in ways of decorating the infield - and one of the most popular methods for decorating the site is to install a garden lattice.

This grille looks nice and tidy, it makes your garden space more well-groomed and bright.

You can continue to land under vines or ivy lattice, which will twine around a wooden frame.



To install you will need nine latticelattice panels with the desired pattern, and two panels with a different type of picture, the twelve metal brackets, twelve metallic flat plates, as well as plugs, latex paint in a spray bottle, and several lamps to decorate the fence.


In dry and calm day, prepare allmaterials for the lattice to be painted, and then carefully paint the them out of the sprayer, ensuring a smooth and beautiful tone. For painting gratings dissolve latex paint with water by a third.


To avoid contamination of the area around the paintpaintable grille, place it under the plastic wrap. For convenience, lean the grille to the wall. Within fifteen minutes of each dry the painted grille.


Clean spray filled up with warm water and expelling a jet of water through the hole atomizer.
Bolt of lattices pylonBy connecting panel 30 cm in size to obtain a rectangular three-sided box. To connect the corners of the structure using metal brackets.


To the rear side pylons fasten flat metal plate and fasten them to the wall. Check how exactly set pylons. Screw the grille to the wall, pre-drill the holes and insert the dowels.


Decorate pylons by installing them from the low-voltage lighting fixtures that can be screwed to the base gratings.

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