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HOW do push-ups on the floor

How to do push-ups on the floor

Push-ups - great exercise that allows you at home without the use of equipment to develop many muscle groups.

Under standard push-ups burden falls on the triceps and chest muscles, but there are numerous modifications of push-ups, which allow strengthen the press, back, legs and arms muscles, quadriceps.



The classic push-ups an opportunity to strengthen the pectoralmuscles and triptsepsy. In order to perform them correctly, take the emphasis lying on the feet and hands, and the palm should be directed forward, the hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width. When performing exercises the body should be stretched into a string - back should not bend, hips should not sag. The first stage of the exercise is to curl up to a right angle, and the second - in their extension. Perform the exercise, slowly.


To correctly perform push-ups is importantbreathe correctly. When bending the hand you have to take a breath, in extension - exhale. That is one repetition of lowering / raising of the body one has to inhale / exhale.


Do not chase the amount maderepetition, it does not make sense, if they are carried out technically correctly. To perform each move, slowly, trying to feel every muscle, which is involved in the exercise.


Strive to keep your back in a flat position, so you will not only strengthen the muscles of the chest and triceps, but also the press, and back muscles.


Perform exercises in a number of approaches, it is better to be wrung out four times to 25 repetitions, than do a hundred push-ups at a time.


Using different types of push-ups will allowuse almost all the muscle groups. If you are just starting to engage in push-ups, and you could hardly given even one rep, start with push-ups with the knees. Under these load push-ups in his hands a lot less.


Spreading his hands as much as possible, you movethe burden on the middle part of the chest and create tension in the muscles of the back. In addition, you can put your hands are not on the floor, and on the dumbbell, it will give you the opportunity to go down lower and harder to stretch the pectoral muscles.


Use push-ups with a narrow formulation of hands forplacing greater emphasis on the triceps. Move your feet on the stand, the load on the arms will increase, more will be involved chest muscles. During the downward movement in turn fail the right and left legs to the elbows or chest are push-ups seriously will load your press.


Push-ups on one hand, the second having got overback ups are very much will load the entire shoulder girdle. Push-ups on one hand it is necessary to perform relegating the leg opposite the hand on which you press, the side, the only way you will be able to keep his balance.


Push-ups can be not only on the palms. The martial arts are often used push-ups on fists, strengthen their impact surface. Push-ups on his fingers makes them stronger.

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