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How to wring out from the floor


How to wring out from the floor</a>

Push-ups from the floor are an excellent exercise that allows many groups of muscles to be developed at home without the use of equipment.

With standard push-ups, the load falls on the triceps and chest muscles, but there are many push-up modifications that allow you to strengthen the press, back, leg and arm muscles, quadriceps.



Classic push-ups allow you to strengthen the breastMuscles and trypses. In order to perform them correctly, take an emphasis lying on the feet and hands, with the palms facing forward, arms slightly apart from the shoulders. When performing the exercise, the body should be stretched into a string - the back should not bend, the pelvis should not sag. The first stage of the exercise is to bend the arms to the right angle, the second - in their extension. Exercise slowly.


To properly perform push-ups, it is importantTo breathe correctly. When flexing your hands, you must inhale, while exhaling - exhale. That is, one repetition of lowering / lifting the body takes one breath in / out.


Do not chase the number of completedIt does not make sense if they are performed technically wrong. Perform each movement slowly, trying to feel every muscle that is involved in the exercise.


Strive to keep your back in a level position, so you strengthen not only the muscles of the chest and triceps, but also the press, and the muscles of the back.


Do exercises in several approaches, it is better to press four times for 25 repetitions than to do a hundred push-ups at a time.


Using different types of push-ups will allowInvolve virtually all muscle groups. If you just start doing push-ups and you hardly have even one repetition, start with push-ups from the knees. With such push-ups, the load on the hands is much less.


Putting your hands as wide as possible, you will transferLoad on the middle part of the chest and create tension in the muscles of the back. In addition, you can put your hands not on the floor, but on a dumbbell, this will give you the opportunity to go lower and stretch your pectoral muscles more.


Use push-ups with a narrow setting of hands forTransfer of emphasis on triceps. Move your legs to the stand, the load on your hands will increase, the muscles of your chest will be more involved. While driving downwards, alternately bring your right and left legs to your elbows or to your chest, such push-ups will seriously strain your press.


Press on one hand, the secondBack, such push-ups very heavily load the entire shoulder girdle. Push-ups on one hand should be done by withdrawing the leg opposite to the hand on which you push, aside, only so you can keep the balance.


You can not push it out not only on the palms. In martial arts, push-ups on the fists, which strengthen their impact surface, are often used. Push-ups on the fingers make them stronger.

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