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How to make a professional make-up

How to make a professional make-up

Every woman is beautiful in its own way - it's a fact.

But the make-up artists are able to literally pair shtrishkiturn every woman into a beauty queen. It is a pity that the professional make-up - the service is very expensive, and many women can afford it only in the most solemn occasions.

But beautiful it would be desirable to be every day.

It's enough to learn how to make a professional make-up on their own.

You will need

  • Exfoliation, moisturizer, concealer, foundation or tonal foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner, lipstick or lip gloss



The very first step is to prepare the skin. It is important to remove the dead skin particles from the skin. Only in this case will be even skin tone. Soft peeling gently treat the face, avoiding the inflamed areas. Then rinse and dry your face peeling. Smoother tonal framework rests on damp skin, so apply a skin moisturizer.


Now is the time to look in the mirror and findareas that require special work. Take the concealer and gently paint black circles under the eyes, spots and pimples. Then coat the entire skin tone foundation, including eyelids. Professionals advise toned neck and that there is no sharp contrast, and nothing betrayed the artificiality of your appearance.


Now your face is perfectly flat color, butIt looks unnaturally pale and faded. Our next task - to give the face color blush and bronzer powder. Blush applied horizontal movements on the cheeks and the line leading to the temples. Powder applied to the forehead, nose and chin.


The person purchased a beautiful natural color. Now is the time to pay attention to the eyes. If you need a holiday makeupUse shadow and black mascara. If you need daily makeup, Enough to cover the upper lashes dark ink and lightly draw the eye on the upper eyelid line.


The situation is similar with the lips. For everyday makeupand sufficient gloss or lip balm. For bright evening makeupand use a dark lipstick and podvodochnylip pencil. Professionals share a little secret: to lipstick kept longer and straighter, should apply a coat of lipstick and gently blot lips with a napkin. Then you need to cover the lips with powder and apply another layer of lipstick. Long-lasting and bright colors, you are guaranteed.


Make ready. You can fix the result of matting powder, and can leave a person the light shine.

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