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HOW to make power

How to make power

Replacement battery for the flashlight is an essential object of every tourist equipment.

But batteries have to save energy.

Do not worry, the best you can make hiking a power plant, which will weigh as much and battery, and takes place not much more.



As a generator of power in our camp you can use any Microelectric DC permanent magnet excitation. The source of energy will be a breeze.


Selecting the motor, be sure to use one that is easiest rotor rotates. Suit Microelectric TIR-1 type. The smallest in size power you get when using the micromotor, which is used in the models of the railway, made in Germany. And the greatest power of the engine type will give TD-3 (it is the most difficult of all).


From the bottom of a tin can fabricate propeller. The number of blades may be different - from 8 to 12. The angle of inclination of the blades should be about 30 degrees. In the center of the propeller boss solder that can carve a lathe. The boss drill a hole and cut the thread under the M3 screw.


As the wind has a tendency to changedirection vane append structure. Make a wooden plank 300 mm in length, do it in the groove on the motor size. Engine attach wire or rubber bands from the pharmacy bottles. At the center of plates (closer to the engine), drill a hole and secure it on the pin wire weathervane. At the end of the plank hammer a nail, to which will be attached shank (ribbon or a handkerchief).


The power plant is ready. It will be able to work and on the move, even in calm weather, if you walk briskly. It is best to use a light bulb to 1.5 V.


The operating principle of the power plant is simple: generator with a propeller mounted on a pole. From the generator to the lamp are wires. The propeller rotates after the wind blows, this helps him weathervane. The device can be easily disassembled into its component parts, basic units can be repaired or replaced directly in the campaign.

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