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How to make a power station


How to make a power station</a>

A spare battery for a flashlight is an indispensable tool for every tourist.

But the energy of the batteries has to be saved.

Do not worry, in your power to make a field power plant that will weigh as much as a battery, and the space will take a little more.



As a generator of our field power station, any DC microelectrode with excitation from permanent magnets can be used. The source of energy will be the wind.


When picking up an electric motor, try to use the one whose rotor rotates the most easily. Suitable microelectrode type MDP-1. The smallest in size Power station You will get by using a micromotor, which is used in railroad models manufactured in Germany. And the greatest power will be given by an engine of the PD-3 type (it is the heaviest of all).


From the bottom of the tin can make a propeller. The number of blades can be different - from 8 to 12. The angle of inclination of the blades should be about 30 degrees. In the center of the propeller solder the lug, which can be turned on the lathe. In the boss, drill a hole and cut the thread under the screw M3.


Because the wind tends to changeDirection, complement the construction with a weather vane. Make a wooden board with a length of 300 mm, make in it a groove for the size of the electric motor. Attach the motor with wire or rubber bands from chemist's bottles. In the center of the plank (closer to the engine), drill a hole and fasten the weather vane on it with a pin. At the end of the plaque, hammer in a nail, to which the shank (ribbon or handkerchief) will be fastened.


The power plant is ready. It will be able to work and on the go even in windless weather, if you go at a quick pace. It is best to use a 1.5 volt light bulb.


The operating principle of the power plant is simple: The generator with the propeller is mounted on the pole. From the generator to the light bulb go wires. The propeller turns after wind blows, the weathervane helps it. The device is easily disassembled into parts, the main components can be repaired or replaced directly in the campaign.

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