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How to make a pool for villas with their own hands

How to make a pool for the cottages with their own hands

Plunge into the cool water of your own swimming pool after a hot day out in the country, it is doubly nice if artificial reservoir created with their own hands.

You will need

  • - ruletka-
  • - uroven-
  • - kolyshki-
  • - shnur-
  • - kamni-
  • - Steel Mesh-
  • - Reinforcing provoloka-
  • - a drain pipe-
  • - Vodozaporny ventil-
  • - Wooden doski-
  • - Nails or screws on derevu-
  • - pesok-
  • - cement
  • - lopata-
  • - Waterproof material-
  • - Manual tamping.



Decide on the size and shape of the futurepool. Its size depends on the planned number of simultaneously bathing in it people. If you have a big family or guests often, the design should be more spacious. Remember that the best is the depth of the pond in the range of 1.2 to 1.8 m with minimum dimensions of 4x4 meters.


Select your country site location forthe future of the basin. Note that the open space without growing trees will allow for all-day free to heat up the water and it will eliminate clogging falling leaves and insects. The construction site should not be located in a valley, or into the pond will drain the dirty rainwater flows.


Use a tape measure and mark the ground forconstruction, increasing it by 0.5 m on the future of the pool size. Demarcate pegs, pull the cord on them and remove the designated turf surface. Dig a pit with smooth walls, the bottom of which should be at 20-30 cm below the planned depth of the water and have a slight slope for drainage.


Fill the bottom of the sand layer thickness of 20-30 cm. Align and tamp it. Put on top of bituminous roofing felt or other waterproofing material. Place the stones to them and steel mesh or metal rods.


Dig a pond near the drainage hole, whichIt must be deeper reservoir. Install it drain pipe, one end of which is located in the pool, equipping it vodozapornym valve. Fit the skimmer or overflow water purification system.


hammer reinforcement rods in the basin perimetersee step 30 which must deviate by 5 cm from the top of the pit. Secure them with wire. 4 Beat the shield of wooden boards for formwork. Keeping the space of 15 cm between the earthen wall, place them on the perimeter of the pit.


Grout the pool with cement mortar brand500 or gidrobetonom. Spill the mixture gradually, leveling it at all sites. Please fill in and rammed the space between the ground and the walls of the formwork in layers of 15-20 cm. Allow the concrete to dry for a week and proceed to finish the pool.

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