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How to make a landing net

When fishing with spinning angler must not only competently whip the fish and take it, and pull the catch to shore. To undercut lifting fish out of water intended landing net.

When fishing from the shore you can do without it, especially if the fish are small.

But without a landing net not do when fishing from a boat big fish.

Using landing net, you can prevent interruption of fishing line or leash.

You will need

  • Bamboo sticks, twigs of juniper and hazel monofilament net, steel wire



Landing net to be easy, safe and convenient to use. Do it from a bamboo stalk, to which is attached a rim and a grid of nylon threads.


Rim bend the rod of steamed juniperor hazel. Strong rim obtained from crushed bamboo, arched over the flame. The hoop must have minimum dimensions 40h25 cm, its depth should be at least 50 cm. The mesh has a conical shape with a mesh size of about 2.5 cm. If you have used for the manufacture of mesh cotton thread impregnated with its water-resistant varnish.


The handle podsakand make of bamboo sticks thickness of not less than2 cm Handle length when fishing from a boat at least 100 cm, angling from the shore -.. To 200 cm is convenient to handle, consisting of the two tribes and equipped with a detachable grid.


Another embodiment podsakand presupposes the existence of a bamboo handle, terminating in a fork of the metal tubes. The plug insert rods of bamboo with a diameter of 1 cm, which stretch mesh. Third side podsakand formed taut cord, providing rigidity, can withstand the weight rather big fish.


If you catch a fish, moving along the beach, use a telescopic folding podsak triangular. When catching big pike rim diameter shall be not less than 45 cm, and the grid must be so deep that the fish can fit in it about two-thirds of its length.


Sometimes when using podsakand dry filamentous network pops up when submerged,making it difficult to bring the tool under the fish and get it out of the water. In this case, it is recommended to attach the mesh bottom of a piece of lead, which immediately plunges the net into the water.

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