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How to make a podsak


How to make a podsak</a>

When fishing for spinning, the fisher should not only competently plow fish and bring it, but also pull the catch to shore. To lift the fish from the water, the podsak is designed.

When fishing from the shore, you can do without it, especially if the fish is small.

But when catching a large fish without a pod, you can not do without it.

Using the podsakom, you can prevent the breakage of the leash or line.

You will need

  • Bamboo sticks, juniper or hazel rods, nylon net, steel wire



The podsak should be light, reliable and easy to use. Make it from a bamboo stem, to which a rim and a nylon thread are attached.


Rim arch from a steamed juniper rodOr hazel. A solid rim will come from a crushed bamboo, curved over a flame. The hoop should have a minimum dimensions of 40x25 cm, its depth should be at least 50 cm. The grid has the form of a cone with a mesh size of about 2.5 cm. If you used cotton thread for making a mesh, impregnate it with waterproof varnish.


Handle PodsakAnd make a bamboo stick with a thickness of at least2 cm. The length of the handle when fishing from the boat is not less than 100 cm, while fishing from the shore - up to 200 cm. Convenient will be the handle, composed of two knees and equipped with a removable mesh.


Another option PodsakBut assumes the presence of a bamboo handle, ending with a fork from metal tubes. In the fork insert rods of bamboo with a diameter of 1 cm, which stretch the mesh. Third side PodsakBut is formed by a tightly stretched cord, providing rigidity, capable of sustaining the weight of a fairly large fish.


If you fish while moving along the shore, use the folding telescopic Podsak Triangular shape. When catching large pikes, the diameter of the rim should be at least 45 cm, and the net should be so deep that the fish can fit in it about two-thirds of its length.


Sometimes when using PodsakAnd a dry filamentous network emerges when immersed,Making it impossible to bring the tool under the fish and get it out of the water. In this case, it is recommended to attach a piece of lead to the bottom of the grid, which immediately immerses the mesh in the water.

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