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HOW do Ping

Command line.

Ping? a team to check connections in networks based on TCP / IP protocols.

This command may need you, if you want to know: Does running a server, IP address of the server by its domain name, check whether there is a connection to the server and more.

You will need

  • A computer running one of the Windows family of operating systems.



Click "Start" button, then select the menu "Standard", then get up to the line, "the cmd" and click the left mouse button. Thus, you open a command prompt.

How to Ping


In the command prompt without quotes writingthe following: «ping adres_interesuyuschego_sayta". For example, if you want to pinging «yandex.ru», then write the following without the quotes: «ping yandex.ru» and press «Enter».

How to Ping

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