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How to make ping


Command line.</a>

Ping? This command is used to test connections in networks based on TCP / IP protocols.

You may need this command if you want to know whether the server is working, the IP address of the server is based on its domain name, whether there is a connection to the server, and much more.

You will need

  • A computer that is installed with one of the operating systems of the Windows family.



We press the "Start" button, then select the "Standard" menu, then click on the "cmd" line and click the left mouse button. Thus, you have opened a command line.

How to make ping


In the opened command line without quotes writeThe following: "ping address_interesting_site". For example, if you want to ping "yandex.ru", then write the following, without the quotes: "ping yandex.ru" and press "Enter".

How to make ping

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