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How to make a pantry


In a spacious pantry you can even place such a rack</a>

Probably, almost every apartment hasA place called a "pantry?" And used often to store any unnecessary trash. Even if there are necessary things in the pantry, books, tools, etc., they are most likely just lying in a pantry in one heap.

In this case, it is difficult to quickly find the thing you need at the moment.

In this article you will get acquainted with some recommendations regarding the process of creating and equipping a pantry.



First, decide what is in yourThe pantry will be stored. Then find a place in which you can arrange it. Do you already have a storage room? Then just take out of it everything that lies there. If there are no shelves in the storeroom, is the better? Will be where to place everything you need.


Install racks for storage of variousHome blanks. They can be bought already ready or made from the boards themselves. The shape and dimensions of the shelves you can choose, based on the dimensions of the room. Also select a corner in the pantry for storing unclassified items on them, which are not available in other places (stepladder, ironing board, leftovers from building materials).


The system of shelves and shelves for storing towels,Clothes and bed linen will be very handy. And on the opposite wall you can hang a few shelves for books, albums, documents and other printed products.


If the storage room is spacious, you can also arrange a small corner for storing accessories for sewing and needlework or tools (hammers, pliers, materials, etc.).


So, you found a nook in the apartment andPlaced there shelves with shelves. Now we need to nicely design a niche for a pantry. You can hide the closet behind the sliding door in the type of wardrobes. The truth will open, most likely, only one leaf. Then you have to distill the flaps for access to the second side. But it will be easier to close the partition with beautiful curtains, hanging a rail for them under the ceiling. Choose curtains under the color of the wallpaper.

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