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The spacious closet can accommodate even a rack

Perhaps, in almost every apartment hasplace called? storage? for and used often to store any rubbish. Even though in the pantry and have the right things, books, tools, etc., they are more likely to just lie in the closet one heap.

In this case it is difficult to quickly find the desired object at the moment.

In this article you will get acquainted with some of the recommendations regarding the creation and arrangement of storage.



To start with the fact that yourthe pantry will be kept. Then find some nook where you can arrange it. Storage you already have? Then just raked all of it, there is. If there are no shelves in a room under the storeroom, the better? is where to place all the necessary.


Install shelving for storage of variousdomestic preparations. They can be bought ready-made or put together yourself from the boards. The shape and size of racks you can choose based on the size of the room. Also highlight the pantry area for storage on their unclassified items that in other places there is no way to store (a stepladder, ironing board, remnants of building materials).


Shelving system and shelves for storing towels,clothing and bedding will be very useful. And on the opposite wall you can hang several shelves of books, albums, documents and other printed materials.


If the storage room is spacious and there, among other things, you can make a small area to store supplies for sewing and crafts or tools (hammers, pliers, materials and so on).


So, you have found the apartment nook andplaced there shelves with shelves. Now we need you arrange a niche under the pantry. You can hide behind a closet sliding door wardrobes on type. True open will most likely only one wing. Then it is necessary to distill flap for access to the second side. But it will be easier to close the partition beautiful curtains, hung from the ceiling rail for them. Choose the curtains in the color of the wallpaper.

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