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How to make a panel door

How to make a panel door</a>

The paneled doors are an old type of entrance structure. However, at present they have not lost their popularity.

Such doors can have a continuous or dissected cloth. Also, one or more panels can be installed in the door.

This door can be easily done by yourself.



Any paneled Door Made of wood. For this purpose, spruce, pine or larch is best suited. Doors, which are made of larch wood, can not be painted, but it is necessary to cover with a clear varnish. Such wood is most often not processed, but only on condition that the material does not have defects that could spoil the appearance.


You need to stock up the bars in advance. For the manufacture of doors will need bars strapping with a thickness of about 50 mm and a width of about 110 mm. They need to be connected to each other. A connection is made using a double spike. The panels are best made of boards, plywood, particle board. They must necessarily be smooth. To insert the panels into the bars of the strapping, you need to select the groove of the required width, as well as the depth. This groove can be done by yourself. The fact that he appears from the layout of screws or studs.


Interior and front doors can be made asBoth deaf and glazed. Sometimes glazing is carried out at the door block of the upper part, and then fastens it tightly in the box. You can also insert glass instead of panels. Doors with glass are usually divided into light and semi-light. Light doors have glazing on 2/3 of the canvas area, and half-light doors - on 1/3. Light doors are most often installed on the balcony, and semi-light ones - on the kitchen.


To use is suitable only well driedwood. On such wood, cracks will not be formed. This means that the door leaves will not be defective during operation. If the wood dries hard, the paintwork will be rendered unusable.

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