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HOW do pack

How to pack

Lovely little ladies, they dream of being singers, the dancers, and the task of parents to support the game and provide all the necessary attributes.

Beautiful skirt-pack can make any mother, even with no experience in this matter.

You will need

  • White tulle 150 cm wide, 80 cm long
  • light pink crepe de Chine width of 150 cm long 40 cm
  • laundry gum



Crepe de chine stitch in the ring. Fold and hem bottom. Top Do the hem for kuliske. Scribbling. Leave nezastrochennym piece Drawstring in order to insert the elastic.


Fatin cut into 2 strips 40 cm wide each. Sew ring pieces in length (150 cm + 150 cm). Make the assembly. Stitched it to the wrong side to kuliske.


Eraser cut to size waist girls. Pass gum kuliske. Secure the gum.

Now it's your little ballerina will be more beautiful than all.

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