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Making organizer for needlewoman

If you enjoy crafts, you will probably need an organizer for tools.

How great do it yourself!

You will need

  • - Thread with a needle or sewing machine
  • - Thick thread or tape
  • - scissors
  • - Several cuts tissue
  • - A stick or branch diameter of 5-10 mm.



Cut the fabric to get a rectangle about 30x40 - this is the basis. Stitch or sew the edges.


Sew one of the lower edges of the bases of the loops of thick thread or tape. They should be from 2 to 7 and they must all be the same size.


Now cut 4 rectangles for the pockets of other tissue, the size of 12x12 and 1 long pocket in the middle, 25h12. Or their sew stitched to the base.


Decorate pockets. The decoration can serve: other fabric or such like on the basis of, buttons, ribbons, plant and animal motifs, landscapes and still lifes of tissue. Creative imagination!


Take a stick or branch and in Thread the loops onbasis. Now cut a piece of tape or thick thread and long tie to a stick both ends so that the organizer can be hung on a hook or nail.


Hang somewhere organizer pockets and put it into tools for needlework. Enjoy the results!

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