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How do neon vases

How do neon vases

In the modern world of fashion trends are changing very quickly. In place of the old grown fond flowers come new.

This season, one of the most fashionable shades neonovyy.Poprobuyte is painted in neon colors vases, and you will see how great they look in any interior.

You will need

  • - Stretching gum
  • - Glass goblets or glasses
  • - Spray paint bright neon colors



Completely clean the cups and dry thoroughly. Put some gum randomly around your future vases.


Carefully spray paint across the surface of the glass. Take extreme caution when working with an aerosol spray, be sure to wear gloves.


Leave your vase to dry for a few days. When completely dry you can feel free to use them as a stand for small items, pencil holders and flower vase.

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