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How to make Christmas neon balls on the Christmas tree

How to make a New Year neon balls on the Christmas tree

Neon ornaments - this is a very nice and important.

And especially now - in the New Year.

Oddly enough, but the neon balls on the Christmas tree can smesterit own hands.

Let's try to do it!

You will need

  • - Transparent glass shariki-
  • - Neon glittery-
  • - PVA glue.



Take the glue and pour it inside of ourglass ball. Then the spinning ball in all directions to distribute the adhesive over the entire surface decoration. If you glue poured a little more than what is required, then just pour the remnants of the world.


Then take a neon glitter. Just to start to take them the same color. We pour the whole thing inside the bowl and turn it so that the neon glitter evenly distributed on a small area inside the glass bulb.


It needs to be done with all the otherneon colors glitter. Each color will be in place. As a result, the original neon bulbs are obtained in which the glitter will uniformly change from one color to another. Good luck to you!

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