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How do neon candles

How do neon candles

Decorate your home with beautiful neon candles. Make them can be just, and they will look great couple of minutes.

These candles are perfect for decorating the holiday table or home bookshelves.

You will need

  • -Long White candles
  • -Podstavka For candles
  • -Vata (Or brush)
  • -Neonovaya Paint (if not found, then gouache)



Prepare your workspace. So how are you going to work with paint, make sure not to soil the next items.
Prepare candles. Clean them from dirt and irregularities.


Open the tube of paint. Tear off a small piece of cotton wool and gently squeeze it a little paint. Put a candle in a horizontal position, and begin to apply paint underneath. Note that the color should be evenly distributed. At the bottom of the candle paint should be more saturated. With wool, apply the paint on the top part of the white candle pat, to give the effect of the spray.


Carefully place the candle in the candle and let it dry. Your neon candle is ready.

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