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HOW do needle bar-organizer

How to make a needle bar-organizer

This cute needle bar organizer will help you keep the most needed creative tools are always at hand.

Its manufacturing does not take much of your time and do not require special sewing skills.

You will need

  • -the cloth
  • -Wooden cube measuring about 8 by 8 cm
  • -Multiple stationery buttons
  • -4 Wood beads
  • -elastic
  • -sintepon



Please do pillow-needle bar. For this the fabric is cut from a rectangle measuring 28 cm by 7.5, and two 9 cm diameter circle.


Sew the short sides of the rectangle, right sides inward. Then stitched by a typewriter on the edges of the two long sides and tightens evenly thread, to get wrinkles.


Take a circle of cloth and tack it to the receipt of the item with pleats. Stitched by a typewriter and fills synthetic padding. Then sew the second circle of the fabric by hand.


The resulting pad glued to the wooden blocks nailed a long nail.


Now cut a strip of fabric measuring 6 to 46 cm. Fold it along the right side facing and stitched by along the edge. Gut-wrenching iron and iron.


Cut the rubber band about 28 cm long and paste"Tube" in its cross-linked fabric. Then both ends of the ring to sew. We put on a wooden cube and fasten pushpin. At the bottom of the cube glue wooden beads.


If you do not have a wooden cube, you can stick the pad-needle bar on a transparent jar lid. A jar used to store various sewing small things: buttons, beads, etc.

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