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How to make a bed-organizer


How to make a bed-organizer</a>

This cute needle-organizer will help you to store the most necessary tools for creativity at your fingertips.

Its production does not take you much time and does not require special sewing skills.

You will need

  • -the cloth
  • -wood cube about 8 by 8 cm in size
  • -Several clerical buttons
  • -4 wooden beads
  • -elastic
  • -synthesis



First we make a pillow-needle bed. For this, we cut out a rectangle with a size of 28 by 7.5 cm and two circles with a diameter of 9 cm.


Sew the short sides of the rectangle with the faces inwards. Then we spend on the typewriter along the edges of both long sides and tighten the thread evenly so that the wrinkles turn out.


We take one circle from the fabric and take to it the resulting detail with folds. We put it on the machine and fill it with sintepon. Then sew the second circle of fabric manually.


The resulting cushion is glued to a wooden cube or nailed with a long clove.


Now cut out a strip of 6 by 46 cm from the fabric. Fold it along the front side inward and spread it along the edge. We turn and iron with an iron.


Cut the elastic about 28 cm long and insert itHer in a sewed from the fabric "tube". Then we sew the two ends into a ring. We put on a wooden cube and fix it with clerical buttons. At the bottom of the cube we glue wooden beads.


If you do not have a wooden cube, you can glue the pincushion on the lid of the transparent jar. And a jar to use for storage of various sewing trifles: buttons, beads, etc.

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