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HOW do needle bar-bucket

How to make a needle bar-bucket

Each needle women, I think it is important to always all were in their places. What needlewoman for any housewife is important, especially when it comes to such dangerous things as a needle or pin.

I suggest you do your own hands-needle bar bucket.

You will need

  • - Suitable plastic base
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - More colors tissue-cotton
  • - Decorative tape-
  • - sintepon-
  • - nitki-
  • - A needle.



To make this needle bar, firstplastic substrate must be made for it. To do this, fit a bottle of shampoo. Simply cut away the upper part by a stationery knife. Do everything very carefully and accurately. When the base is ready, it obsheyte light green cloth.


Now you need to carve out the details for the berries, that is,for strawberries. Remember that you need one berry pattern 2, and once we have them 2, then, accordingly, the entire pattern will 4. Do not forget that the same should be done leaves for berries. Therefore, from the green fabric cut 4 parts that resemble the arithmetic sign "+".


These items must sew from the wronghand on the sewing machine. Do not forget to leave the berries in a small hole through which they can turn. On the leaves it is not necessary to leave. They need to cut a hole in the center so that it was not a through and affect only one layer of fabric. It is through him and remove these parts.


Berries must be fill with synthetic padding. If not, you can use cotton wool. Once they are filled, carefully sew the hole left behind. On the leaves should be a dotted line to embroider each wedge. Then sew the same dotted center of the part. The opening, which was necessary for the eversion, put a bead, tighten thread, then sew to the strawberries.


Strawberries using leaf blade is necessarysew a decorative ribbon. For this purpose it perekin'te through the tape and accordingly fix. The resulting ribbon tie to the lined plastic base. Needle bed-bucket ready!

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