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HOW do most soaps

Soap and scrub - two in one.

Before we knew as a disinfectant soap and cleanser.

But now the creation of soap - is an art.

And soap, created by the hands, is much more useful, because the ingredients mylovar picks himself.

You will need

  • Baby soap-
  • Oils for bases: almond, cedar and olive
  • Vitamin E and glycerin
  • Essential oils
  • Fillers
  • Water
  • Dishes for water bath
  • Children tins sandbox



Initially prepared fillers soap. If it's dry flower petals, then they need to soak. If this ground coffee (for example, soap-scrub), the additional filler preparation is not needed.


It is necessary to rub baby soap on a small grater. To less sneezing by rubbing, soap must be preheated to the battery.


After that, you need to take a few oil-bases forteaspoon, teaspoon of glycerin and pour into a bowl. If specified in the formulation of vitamin E, it is also necessary to add at this stage. Then a mixture of oils from dishes be placed in hot water.


After that, the mixture is heated with utensils onwater bath. Then gradually add the soap shavings, in the process of addition, the mixture is required to stir. If the mass is not soluble, it is necessary to add a little hot water.


After the mass has reached the state of the batter, it is necessary to add essential oils. The oil is added to a few drops, not to overdo it with the smell.


At the very end in the soap mass is added to the selected filler. If the pitch is, they interfere with the mass. If this is coffee, it is added during casting.


Then the soap is poured on children or formochkamsmall plastic containers. You can experiment with different color layers, if the pre-weld two multicolored mass. Or pour the coffee on top of each container to happen soap scrub.


After the lapse of time (about two hours) Soapfreezes, then removed from the molds, cut, if necessary, is dried. Then beautifully packaged soaps if soap was prepared as a gift, or fit into a bar of soap to use.

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