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How to make a milling machine for wood

Milling machine for wood can be produced by, for this you will need some materials: old aquarium, plywood or sheet steel, served their vacuum cleaner.

These end-of-life of the device will be used in your new device.



Machine base will serve the old aquarium frame60H30H30 centimeters in size. Prepare the aquarium frame made of steel angle 2,5H2,5 centimeters. For the machine table, use plywood or sheet you prepared steel. Suit and other materials are: duralumin, PCB, plexiglass.


In the center of the table for the machine-cut figure of the box nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. By the bottom of the cavity paste four lug through which miss two round rod. Bars in bosses and himself machine on rods lock the locking thumbscrews. They were then put on a milling machine.


Bosses to the table paste assembly with rods andmachine. The distance between the pilot holes and gaps soak 1-2 millimeters. Note that the mill should be set perpendicular to the machine table. Bracket fabricate from duralumin bracket with interchangeable block of wood, fixed with screws. Brus Pick up in proportion to the dimensions of the workpiece.


In the center of the timber at the base of the table to make a niche,cutter to move freely. At the top of the beam plane, drill four holes to attach the bolts two wooden combs. Thus, there is a spring effect, which provides the necessary clamping to the machine table.


Torsion springs put on the 11-mmbar made from wire. The rod pass through the sleeve, and the sleeve clamping table cam. To the right of secure clamping stress through a slot in the table. This will prevent the clamping device from unwinding after the processing of a product.

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