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HOW do Maynkraft Torch

how to make a torch in maynkrafte

Torch maynkraft need for lighting and repel evil monsters, snow melting. It is also useful for crafting other items.

It is therefore quite natural that many players want to understand how to make maynkraft torch.



To make the game Maynkraft torch, you mustget a stick and charcoal. should be their place in the window for the crafting of the fixture so that the coal was in the middle of the cell, and a stick - just below it.


Coal can be mined at the mine. If you have an oven, you can put it in a piece of wood and to get the necessary material after heat treatment.


The stick may be obtained from two boards by placing them in a window in the central craft cell and middle cell of the lower row.


The torch can be used to create a jack-o'-lantern. To make it, you must also add to the lighting device pumpkin.


With the Torch, you can destroy Maynkraftthe source of the lava. To do this, you need to install it in a place where hot liquid erupts. However, finding another source close to crank this trick does not work, simply because the torch will burn.


If the flame is placed under the water, then you can get for a while from the air cushion. The device switches off, and then you can pick up. He also destroyed when the top falls loose material.


Set torch unit can be any surface other than the bottom.


If you do not want to engage in manufacturingTorch, you can try to find a ready-made lighting fixture. This item can be found in the abandoned mines, villages, old castles. But if you need a large number of fixtures, then it is better to learn how to make a torch in Maynkraft yourself, the more it is not so time-consuming process.

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