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How to make a portal into space in Maincraf


Make a portal to space in Maincraf - just</a>

Game Minecraft is popular among millions of players around the world.

Every day folk craftsmen produce various game modifications, thanks to which the player has the opportunity to travel to fantasy worlds.

With the help of one of them you can make a portal into space and go there in search of adventure.



Find on the Internet and install a specialModification of Minecraft ModLoader, thanks to which you can make a portal to space in Maynkraft. Before creating a portal, make a spacesuit that you need for travel. To do this, consistently produce suitable for the shape and size of the helmet, upper and lower parts of the suit and shoes, using as a material wool. Dress the character in the spacesuit before you start the journey.


Start creating a portal into space. To do this, you need at least 10 iron blocks. To build a portal, remove four blocks from the surface of the earth. Place one vertical iron block at the edges and place a horizontal iron block over them. Fill the space between the vertical blocks with lava.


Put out the lava with water and smash it with a diamond pickaxeThe resulting cobblestones. Light the lighter with the two lower blocks of the structure to activate the portal. You will move to a new location where you can build space bases, fight with alien invaders and get acquainted with other new features of the game.

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