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HOW do masquerade mask

How to make a masquerade mask

Carrying out of any holiday, and even more desirable to masquerade or necessarily imply the presence of a mask.

However, not all the stores, despite the diversity, one can see the mask, which we would like.

In this case, it is possible to make a masquerade mask yourself.

You will need

  • colored cardboard, ruler and compass, scissors, glue, colored paper, glitter and all sorts of colorful markers, crayons, colorful pens



Decide on the kind of mask, which you intend todo. The variant in the form of an oval, if the mask is supposed to cover the entire face. Another type - a mask in the form of an elongated eight, intended only to cover up the eye area.


Take a piece of cardboard and colored pencil. On the reverse side of the cardboard, draw the outline of the outer mask. If necessary, use a compass and a ruler. Special attention should be paid to the estimated size of the mask. It should be several centimeters longer faces.


cut the drawn mask at the external border. Make a slit for the eyes.


Now you can start decorating products. Take colored paper. Cut out of her small multi-colored hearts, circles, droplets. Let their size will be from 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter. When uneven shape is the size of the longest diameter. With adhesive glue them over midway to have carved mask. Allow the glue to dry.


While the glue dries, take a few stripsof different colored paper width of about 2 centimeters. Slice them lengthwise into thin noodles of 5.3 millimeters so that one end of the resulting noodles remained uncut.


Take a pair of scissors, open them up and draw a sharp part of the blade flat on the back side of the ends of noodles to those spun.


Uncut part stick to the sides of the mask outside. To hide places sticking on top of them by applying a paste made of colored paper flowers.


Using the same technology as in the curling tips colored noodles, round off free, and not glued to the mask halves of hearts, circles and other details.


The resulting mask Complete patterns using markers, sometimes lightly adhesive. Then liberally sprinkle with glitter.


From cardboard cut rail, wrap in foil and glue it to the side of the mask from the inside. This handle, which can be grasped mask. Instead, you can link rezinochku, due to which the mask will stay on your face. For this purpose, in the finished product will be done on either side via two holes Punch.

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