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How to make a fancy mask


How to make a fancy mask</a>

Carrying out any holiday, and the more so a masquerade is desirable or necessarily provides for the presence of a mask.

However, not always on the shelves of stores, despite all the diversity, you can see the mask that I would like.

In this case, you can completely make a mask for yourself.

You will need

  • Color cardboard, compasses and ruler, scissors, glue, colored paper, sequins and all sorts of colorful markers, markers, bright pens



Determine the type of mask that you intend toTo do. A variant in the form of an oval is possible, if the mask is supposed to completely cover the face. Another form is a mask in the form of an elongated figure, designed only to cover the eye area.


Take a sheet of colored cardboard and a pencil. On the back of the cardboard draw an outline of the mask. If necessary, use a compass and a ruler. Pay special attention to the estimated size of the mask. It should be a few inches more than the face.


Cut the drawn Mask On the external border. Make slits for the eyes.


Now you can start decorating the product. Take the colored paper. Cut out of it small small colored hearts, circles, droplets. Let their size be from 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter. With uneven shapes, these are the dimensions of the longest diameter. With glue, glue them at the middle to the already cut mask. Allow the glue to dry.


While glue dries up, take a few stripsFrom different colored paper about 2 centimeters wide. Slice them in length in the form of thin noodles of 3-5 millimeters so that one end of the noodles obtained is uncut.


Take the scissors, open them and draw the sharp part of the blade flat on the back side of the noodle tips, so that they twist.


Uncut its part glue to the sides of the mask outside. To hide the places of gluing, glue flowers made from colored paper on top of them by overlaying them.


Using the same technology as when twisting the tips of multi-colored noodles, round the loose halves of hearts, circles and other details that are not glued to the mask.


The Mask Add patterns with the help of markers, sometimes lightly grease with glue. Then sprinkle abundantly with sequins.


From a thick cardboard cut out the rail, wrap it with foil and glue it to the side of the mask from the inside. It's a pen that you can hold Mask. Instead, you can attach a rubber band, due to which the mask will stick to the face. To do this, in the finished product will have to make two holes on each side with a punch.

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