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HOW to do make-up in a gypsy style

How do you make up in a gypsy style

Gypsy - a very mysterious and unpredictable creation, which is why they so attracted by the image of some men and women is the desire to imitate them.

So the fashion included gypsy makeup, an essential attribute of which are gipsy's eyes.

Create it simply.



Attention is drawn to the fact that theapplying makeup gypsy does not always follow the rule "to focus only on the eyes or lips." Most often you can meet these representatives of the fair sex with red wine or dark-pink lipstick and bright-painted eyes. If you do not want to look as defiant, preference should be given just the eyes. Still, "a hypnotic, tenacious gaze" - a distinctive feature of Roma.


To create gipsys eyes, must be coveredface make-up base. So it would be better to hold on. Then you need to hold a black pencil (or better Kayal) line along the upper lash growth. The line must be perfectly flat, as the further it will still have to shade around the mobile age, not speaking for the face.


Next, you need to put on top of a pencil darkmatte shadow to color was more saturated. This allowed some negligence, it is not necessary to achieve perfectly smooth contours. In addition, the shade can be matched to the color of the eyes. For example, the green-eyed young ladies suit maroon shades, blue-eyed - dark gray, gray-eyed - smoky and brown-eyed - black or dark brown.


The lower eyelid can be left untouched or also draw a line dark pencil as close to the eyelashes and feather it. Allowed to overstep the outer corners of eyes.


Also, a Gypsy is not bypassed attention eyebrows,giving them expression with dark pencil. Then, under the brows should apply white shadow up to the rolling century. This method will attract even more attention to the eyes. If you want to attract more attention to your look, use false eyelashes.


In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the majority of Roma- Holders of dark skin, so when applied to pitch, you can use bronzers or means little darker your natural skin tone. Cheeks allowed to emphasize shimmering blush or crumbly powder. Imperfections should be correct by using a masking pencil.


For lips, you can choose how subtle shadestransparent gloss and bright lipstick, to which application is best to draw the outline with a pencil in the same tone. If you want to give your lips more expressive, it is necessary to make up their lipstick, and then to cover a layer of gloss.

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