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HOW do Lizunov


Many of us remember the thing that a child called Lizunov. This incomprehensible substance liked not only children, but also delights adults.

I suggest three ways how to make Lizunov.

method №1

Take a plastic cup. Pour it PVA glue. It can be purchased at any stationery department. The greater the adhesive, the greater will Lizun. To become a toy colored, add the gouaches, any color. You can mix them and get an unexpected combination of colors. All this is well mixed. Now the main thing in a glass with a colored glue pour sodium tetraborate. You can purchase it at a pharmacy, it is relatively inexpensive. Lizun ready!

method №2

Take alcohol and silicate glue. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1: 1. Paint the resulting mixture of gouache. Then rinse under water Lizunov. The downside of this method is the rapid solidification of toys. Within half an hour it will be impossible to play (this is quite enough).

№3 method

Take a glass of water and as much starch. If you need a thick Lizun, then add more starch. Mix the paint. All mix thoroughly. This method is the worst, but cost-effective.

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