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HOW do lip volume

Gloss lip augmentation will make your lips irresistible

Modern standards of beauty in recent inverted consciousness of the young women.

The volume, plump lips in all the glossy magazines are standard and ideal form.

Maybe that's why lately your lips suddenly become attractive enough for you? But it is difficult to argue, as beautiful and well-groomed lips really attract attention.

So men still recognize a sex symbol Angelina Jolie because of its bulk and sexy lips.

You will need

  • Exfoliating means caring balm, gloss lip augmentation.



After taking a shower, remove dead skin cellsthe skin of the lips using a peeling agent or scrub. Do this procedure about 2 times per week. Your skin will be smoother, and blood flow to the lips accentuate their natural color.


After peeling the skin do not forget the lipsbe sure to apply a nourishing balm to moisturize them and prevent dryness and dehydration. You can do this not only after a scrub, but also every day before going to bed.


Buy a gloss and lip augmentationuse it either before the application of the basic lipstick or alone. Typically, this means comprises a pepper extract that is slightly irritating to the mucous membrane of the lips, making them a bit inflated. This means instant effect. There lip with a plurality of vitamins and nutrients, which must be used within three weeks of daily to achieve increased. And he and the other glosses are absolutely safe.

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