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How do light make-up?

How to make a light make-up?

Do you want to look spectacular right from the morning and does not seem to cause environmental?

To cope with this task can be correctly made light makeup person.

And now luchatsya eyes, a person acquires freshness, smile becomes mysterious.

But nothing superfluous, only light touches, subtle correction - all they teach the rules of applying easy makeup.

For easy makeup stages should:

- Toning facial creams and pudroy-
- Allocation cheekbones rumyanami-
- Lightening the upper and lower zones skul-
- Adjustment of the lash line karandashom-
- Emphasis on the eyes with the help of depth imposing shadows on veki-
- Underline eyelashes using tushi-
- An adjustment line brovey-
- The expression sponge circuit
- Giving lip sochnosti-
- A final dusting of face.

Preparing background for easy application of makeup

The first step is toning the face. This is done quickly and easily creams and wet sponge. The cream is lightly applied to all parts of the face, eyelids, lips.

The second step is to secure the foundation powder. She covered his face. It uses a special brush for powder.
Then corrector want to hide all visibleskin defects (spots, dots, blue on the eyelids). You can use it in the form of a tube or use a brush and liquid corrector. Surplus cream removed lightly with a sponge.

After that you need to place the correctedpripriglushit slightly crumbly powder. To do this, a big fluffy brush is used again. When the skin has already suffered the main preparatory layer of makeup, you should start the distribution of blush. They are imposed on podskulovuyu zone faces on both sides. Then distributed in cheek special brush evenly. Learn how beautifully and quickly apply blush is a snap. Just study his face carefully.

Blush should not look bright separationstrip. To do this, they should be slightly shaded special brush to achieve a smooth transition of color. Movement is desirable to do smoothly in all directions from the cheekbones.

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The next stage makeup - lightening nadskulovoyregion. To do this, use a lighter shade compact powder, than the base layer applied. At the same time the relief of the most cheekbones acquires texture, and facial skin looks taut.

Applying makeup for easy makeup

Next you need to do the eye contour. Using a special liner, line drawn along the cilia growth. The main emphasis should be placed on the outer corners of the eyes.

To outline look more natural,need to brush gently deposited shade pencil line along the century. Then get a smooth transition from the lash line to the very century. Smoky color shade line will add the necessary depth of the eyes.

Rules applying color on the eyelids

Now my turn to make up a century. You must use the natural shade of bright shades. It may be light pink, flesh-colored or white. It all depends on the basic color of the skin. Shadows are applied to the entire light layer of the century, right up to the brow line growth.

If makeup is used for dark skin, you canuse cream, beige tones. For fair skin, which is inherent in blondes, it is necessary to use white or pale pink color decorative crumbly shadows.

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Next, you need to take a darker shade of the samecolors. They are applied in the area of ​​the century, then spread over the rolling century line to the corner of the eyebrows. To my eyes look more expressive, bright pearl shadows applied quick easy dab in the middle of the century and lightly shaded. The same action is done under the brow line.

For more expressive eyebrows highlights the line themselves. Used shade darker palette (brown, gray, and others.).
The next stage - the eyelashes. They are stained with ink black or brown color from the root to the tip.

The final touches of light make-up

Next comes the turn correction lip lineoutline with a pencil. Clearly drawn relief lips. Brush is necessary to shade the line. Lips covered with gloss or lipstick natural color. The emphasis is on the outer corner using lipstick darker shade. The upper lip becomes slightly upturned and sexual.

In conclusion, makeup can make light dusting of face. It does not shine. Light make-up is over. He turned gentle and beautiful. Now the face looks attractive and natural-fresh.

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