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How to make a crate


Without the flooring, the erection of almost any wall and floor</a>

Many owners of private houses know how to replace the ceiling and the floor with their own hands, repair everything that is in the house.

This knowledge would be useful for those who live in cities.

It would seem that there is a difficult part in laying the floor: he took the boards and laid them. However, not all so simple.

The wooden floor does not directly slide onto the concrete base.

First you need to do flooring and heat insulation.

You will need

  • Wooden slats-
  • Powerful drill-
  • Wooden slats-
  • Screws and dowels-
  • Wooden wedges that you can make from scraps of wood-
  • Waterproofing gasket.



First lay the insulation boards directlyOver a concrete base. Cover the plates with a waterproofing pad, the area of ​​which is larger than the area of ​​the room. About the lapel to the walls, too, do not forget: its height should each wall be greater than the thickness of the future floor. Cut the corners of the film so that it is more convenient to wrap it on the walls.


Preparation is ready. Now proceed to make the crate itself. First lay along the wall, and then fix the first rail, which should serve as a support for the other racks. How to do it? Drill a hole through the rail with a heat-insulating plate directly into the concrete floor of the floor. Attach the rail with fasteners with dowels, driving it into the hole made and tightening it with a screwdriver.


Therefore, the principle of fixing the main slatsAlong the perimeter of the room. Now lay the cross bars at 50 cm intervals. Observe the same height of the resulting structure throughout the entire area. Measure the level of the rails you will help the spirit level, and the wooden wedges designed to level the wooden shelves in height, you just need to put in the necessary places wedges under the slats.


Screw all the slats to the floor in the same way asAttached the very first. Place the heat insulation plates between the slats. It's all. The lining of the wooden floor with the heat-insulating layer is ready. Now you can start laying the cover from the boards.

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